Youth Hostel Velenje

Youth Hostel Velenje and Youth Centre Velenje lie in close proximity to the centre of the city. It's located by the river Paka and across from the primary school Livada.

The hostel is divided into three complexes (A, B and C) and has 18 rooms with 58 beds. Besides rooms with two or more beds there are also three double bedrooms with private bathrooms. Complex A has adjusted bathroom facilities and is appropriate for disabled people. Parking lot by the hostel is free of charge and can accommodate buses.

The hostel has fully equipped conference room that can guest up to 100 people or can be divided into three separate, smaller rooms. The conference room can be also used as a dance hall.


Guests are welcome to visit the Club eMCe Plac with the Gallery in the evenings. It has a gallery, coffee shop and a multi-purpose place, which turns into a concert venue or a theatre during the weekends. Multi-media centre Kunigunda is an important part of the Youth Centre (it recently moved to a new location). Each year Kunigunda organises Youth and Culture Days Festival in May and Young Cultures Festival at the end of summer vacation.




Mladinski center Velenje,

PE Mladinski hotel Velenje


Efenkova 61 a
3320 Velenje

Fax: +386 (0)5 923 46 03
Mobile: +386 (0)41 859 692



46.363624, 15.123987

Price list
twin bedroom 43€/room
twin bedroom - single use 30€/room
double bedroom with bathroom 49€/room
double bedroom with bathroom - single use 34€/room
3-person room 19€/person
6-person room 19€/person

*Prices include VAT and tourist tax.

Opening times
mon-fri 9 am - 3 pm
9 pm - 2 am
sat-sun 9 pm - 2 am
Youth Centre Velenje  
mon-thu 4 pm - 8 pm
eMCe Club  
mon-thu 1 pm - 12 am
fri-sat 1 pm - 2 am
sun 1 pm - 12 am

Staff must be informed in case of late arrival on the following phone number:
+386 (0)41 859 692

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  • Breakfast
  • Other meals to order
  • Parking lot
  • Internet/WiFi
  • Cable TV (common area)
  • Cable TV (private rooms with bathroom)
  • Bed linen (these are changed once a week, earlier change may be arranged for free)
  • Towels
  • Closets/Safe
  • Washing machine
  • Drier
  • Tourist information and content
  • Free access to rooms 24/7
  • Hot water 24/7
  • Credit card payment options (Visa, Mastercard, Karanta)
  • Pets allowed
  • Exchange office close by (up to 500m)
  • Store close by (up to 500m)
  • Wheelchair accessible


Twin Bedroom

Eight twin bedrooms are available. Guests use the common sanitary facilities.

Double Bedroom

3 double bedrooms are available with a 140x200 cm bed. The bedrooms are furnished with wardrobes for the storage of personal objects and a television. These rooms also have their own bathroom.

3-Person Room

Two 3-person rooms are available, furnished with a bunk bed and a single bed. Guests use the common sanitary facilities.

6-Person Room

Five 6-person rooms are available. Each is furnished with three bunk beds and wardrobes for personal storage. Guests use the common sanitary facilities.

Disabled Adapted

The disabled (physically impaired) have rooms in the section A at their disposal, where the bathroom is also adapted. The rooms are on the first floor, while the hostels entrance is wheelchair accessible. Parking is possible in immediate vicinity of the hostel.

Common Sanitary Facilities

Common sanitary facilities are shared by 3 or 5 rooms in each section. Each section has male and female toilettes and bathroom with shower. Section A is adapted to the physically impaired, so the bathroom is as well.

Self-Service Kitchen

A self-service kitchen and dinning space is available with all the needed equipment for the preparation of ones own meals.

Cyber Corner

The cyber corner is located on the first floor of the hostel, equipped with three computers for quick research of all the necessary information or a visit to social networking sites. The whore hostel has wi-fi access, so it is available in rooms as well.

Common Lounge Area

Is located next to the reception and is furnished with three comfortable couches, television, coffee machine for hot and cold beverages (tea as well), and a book corner.


Equipped with tables and chairs, suitable for enjoying coffee on the fresh air.

Additional Facilities

Seminar Facilities

Seminar facilities with all the relevant equipment (projectors, sound system, flip charts) are available for favourable prices. The hall is 10 x 30 m big and suitable for approx. 100 people. Room separation into 3 smaller seminar rooms is possible. These are suitable for conferences, seminars, and dance events.

Club eMCe Plac with the Gallery

The Club consists of a café, gallery and multi-purpose room, that serves as a space for concerts and theatre plays on the weekends. During the week it is available for workshops, band practise, athletic exercises, trainings, lectures and social games.

Afternoon Centre for Youth

Furnished rooms for quality free time and games are available to youth from Monday to Thursday (4 - 8 pm), in the immediate vicinity of the hostel. The afternoon centre is equipped with table tennis, table football, Xbox and other social games.

Multimedia Centre Kunigunda

The Multimedia Centre Kunigunda is in action since 2005. Since 2012 it also has a new, fully equipped studio and other multimedia equipment, that offers project realisation support to young creatives.

Price List

Twin Bedroom 43€/room
Twin Bedroom - Single Use 30€/room
Double Bedroom + Bathroom 49 €/room
Double Bedroom + Bathroom - Single Use 34€/room
3-Person Room 19 €/person
6-Person Room 19 €/person
Seminar Facilities 10 € - 20 €/h
Breakfast 2 € - 4 €
Lunch 6 € - 8 €
Dinner 5 €
Half-Board 9 €
Full-Board 13 €
Washing Machine 2 €
Drier 2 €
Pets 6 €

*Prices include VAT.

Accommodation prices include:

  • Accommodation
  • Tourist tax
  • Bed linen
  • Towel
  • Closet with key
  • Wi-fi
  • VAT

Seminar facility occupancy prices include:

  • The use of multimedia equipment (projector, screen, computer, sound system),
  • Table arrangement by prior agreement (standard, half circle, U-, T-shaped).



  • 50 % discount for children aged from 3 to 12 years, that share a bed with their parents or guardians.
  • Free for children under 3 years, that share a bed with their parents or guardians. 


  • Disabled and their attending companions - 10%
  • Groups, event participants, travellers and travelling organisation's members – up to 15%


  • The prise for a single room use is on the price list.
  • Smaller pets are allowed for an additional fee of 6,00 EUR.

Local Offer

Pizza-Steak Picadilly

Stari trg 35
3320 Velenje
+ 386 (0)3 586 93 58

Cafe Mozaik

Titov trg 4
3320 Velenje
+ 386 (0)40 592 675

Cafe Lucifer

Šaleška 19
3320 Velenje
+ 386 (0)3 588 30 80

Club eMCe Plac

Šaleška cesta 3
3320 Velenje
+ 386 (0)41 496 120


Max Klub

Šaleška cesta 3
3320 Velenje
+ 386 (0)3 586 25 81

Cafe Nova

Šaleška 21
3320 Velenje
+ 386 (0)3 897 02 72

Space Bar

Koroška 56
3320 Velenje
+ 386 (0)5 907 84 78

Fishing Cabin

Cesta na Jezero 7
3320 Velenje
+ 386 (0)3 586 66 00

Restaurant Verdelj

Šalek 14
3320 Velenje
+ 386 (0)3 586 82 80


Don't overlook:

Huda Luknja Gorge
20 - 30 €/person
Koroško-Šaleški Caving Club ''Speleos – Siga'' Velenje
Water Sports
Price varies
Velenje Water Sports Club
Velenje Castle
1,5 - 2,5 €
Velenje Museum