Youth Hostel Radlje ob Dravi

The hills of Kozjak and Pohorje are a home not only to beautiful forests that represent the largest growing area of yew trees in Europe, but also to the town of Radlje ob Dravi, where Youth Hostel Marenberg can be found.

The fully renovated building offers bright rooms with 45 beds all together. There is also an accessible room for people with disabilities – it can be reached by an elevator.

The hostel offers conference rooms with full multimedia equipment and a big auditorium for 200 people, which has an exit to a nice terrace. The hostel is known for hosting thematic birthday parties for kids, hosting seminaries and lectures, as well as concerts and weddings. You can find vast plantations of hops in vicinity as well as a romantic park with a mansion.

A popular cycling route that starts in Austria leads through Radlje ob Dravi, which makes the hostel a popular destination for cyclists. The luggage can be left at the reception or in the rooms; bicycles and motorbikes can be parked in a garage (free of charge for the the hostel's guests).

Organisation: Javni zavod ŠKTM Radlje ob Dravi
Address: Mariborska cesta 8
2360 Radlje ob Dravi
Telephone: +386 (0)2 887 32 88
Mobile: +386 (0)40 852 287




Price list
single room 26 €
2-person room 22 €
3-person room 18 €
4-person room 18 €
tourist tax - adults 0,92 €
tourist tax - children up to the age of 18 - 50%
tourist tax - children up to the age of 7 free of charge

*Prices include VAT.

Opening times
Reception 24/7
Youth Centre Radlje ob Dravi  
mon-fri 8 am - 10 pm
*sat 3 pm - 12 am
sunday, holidays closed

*In times of events on saturdays the youth centre closes at 2 am.

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  • Breakfast (at the nearest cafe, only 50 m away)
  • Other meals to order
  • Parking lot (own parking lot free of charge, special spots for people with disability)
  • Internet/WiFi
  • Cable TV (common area)
  • Cable TV (rooms)
  • Bed linen
  • Towels
  • Closets/Safe
  • Washing machine
  • Drier
  • Tourist information and content
  • Free access to rooms 24/7
  • Hot water 24/7
  • Elevator
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Exchange office close by (up to 50m)
  • Store close by (up to 50m)
  • Restaurant close by (50 m)
  • Ski resort close by (11 km)
  • Immediate vicinity to Austria (6 km)
  • Pharmacy close by (10 m)
  • Health Centre close by (300 m)



Single Room

One single room, located on the 2nd floor is available at the hostel. The room is equipped with a shower, toilette and LCD television. It has a nice view on the southern side of the town Radlje and the village Dobrava and Kope ski resort. The access to the room is possible with the elevator.

Twin Bedroom

You can choose between six twin bedrooms. Two are furnished with a bunk bed, while three of them have separate beds. Two are on the 2nd floor, the other three are on the 1st. All rooms are equipped with a shower and toilette, all of them also have LCD television sets.

All rooms are accessible with the elevator or via the stairs.

3-Person Room

Seven 3-Person rooms are available, of which four have bunk beds. One bigger room is also available and adapted for the disabled. All rooms are equipped with their own LCD television sets and bathrooms, with a shower and toilette. 

4-Person Room

Two 4-person rooms are available. Both are located on the 1st floor. One of them is bigger and adapted for the disabled, the other is furnished with two bunk beds. All rooms have their own bathrooms. The room, that is adapted for the disabled also has its own LCD television.

Adapted for the Disabled

The access in the hostel is fully handicap adapted, from the easy access in front of the hostel, to the broad hallways, elevator and kitchen on the first floor, that is handicap adapted. The hostel offers two rooms, that are adapted for the disabled, each with their own adapted bathroom. On the ground floor we also find common sanitary facilities, that are also adapted. Guests have four handicap reserved parking lots at their disposal, while in front of the reception we find a map of the town, that targets facilities with easy wheelchair access. The town itself is very wheelchair friendly and offers easy access to the store, pharmacy and bank.

Self-Service Kitchen

The hostel have two self-serving kitchens at their disposal. The first one is located on the first floor and is fully equipped: Washing sink, glass-ceramic stove, extractor hood and refrigerator. The kitchen has a washing/drying machine, that is used by guests, free of charge. Thi kitchen is easy to use for the disabled. All the dishes, pots and cutlery are already in the kitchen, also a dinning area with a table and chairs. The hostel has another kitchen on the 2nd floor, which doesn't have a washing/drying machine and is not adapted for the disabled.

Common Lounge Area

A room furnished with a sofa, table and chairs is located on the 1st floor. This room also has a personal computer, with internet access. The access to the computer is possible 24/7 and free of charge. Another pleasant room, with comfortable seating is on the ground floor, which also has a small cafe.

Luggage Storage

Guests can store their luggage in the reception or their rooms.

Bike Storage

Bicycles and motorbikes can be stored in the garage, that is free of charge for guests of the hostel.

Additional Facilities


Suitable for up to 40 people and equipped with a projector, screen, three computers and Wi-fi connection. The room is appropriate for lectures, exercises, yoga, aerobics, seminars or celebrations of closed groups.

Multimedia Classroom

Suitable for up to 15 people and equipped with three computers, projector, screen and Wi-fi connection. This room is ready for lectures, seminars and celebrations of closed groups.

Spacious Hall

Suitable for up to 200 people and equipped with a projector, screen and concert sound system. Tables and chairs may be arranged by request. Appropriate for seminars, concerts, lectures and weddings.

Price List

Single Room 26 €
Twin Bedroom 22 €
3-Person Room 18 €
4-Person Room 18 €
*starting hour
*next hour
18 €
8 €
Multimedia Classroom
*starting hour
*next hour
15 €
5 €
Spacious Hall
rent up to 3 hours
rent per day
rent per night
120 €
156 €
240 €
Breakfast (at local cafe) 3 €+
Tourist Tax - Adults 0,92 €
Tourist Tax - Children up to the age of 18 - 50%
Tourist Tax - Children up to the age of 7 free of charge


Accommodation prices include:

  • accommodation
  • bed linen and towels
  • cleaning after use
  • VAT


Facility Occupancy prices include:

  • Facility rent fees
  • Room arrangement
  • Rent of multimedia equipment (projector, screen, computer, sound system)
  • Cleaning after use
  • VAT



  • Discounts are available for children by prior agreement.

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Don't overlook:

Drava Cycle Path
Radlje ob Dravi
Free of charge
ŠKTM Radlje ob Dravi Public Institute
Marenberg Dominican Monastery
Radlje ob Dravi
Free of charge
Public Institution for Sports, Culture, Tourism and Youth in Radlje ob Dravi (JZ ŠKTM Radlje ob Dravi)
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