Youth Centre Trbovlje

Youth Centre and Hostel Trbovlje was established in the middle of a city with a rich mining history, which gave birth to it. Trbovlje lies in the heart of Slovenia at the crux of three valleys in the Central Sava Valley region.

The surrounding mines come to life at each Prekmandeljc's March event – a real heartfelt adventure, which is mimicked by several amusement parks. Prekmandeljc is a cave goblin from the legends, a playful protector of miners. Visitors get to dress into real mining equipment before braving the mines where they get to learn a lot about the history of the mines and the mining industry itself. Several activities are available for guests who enjoy sports as well.

There are 24 available beds. The hostel is suitable for disabled people, especially the room “Bukova gora” and the whole ground floor. The reception can be found in the bright and cosy coffee shop, which has seats on a terrace as well. Parking lot can be found outside the youth hostel itself, by the upper one-way road next to the Delavski dom Trbovlje (Home of the Workers Trbovlje). Buses can be parked across from the market place by the main road.

Organisation: Mladinski center Trbovlje

Ulica 1. junija 18

1420 Trbovlje 


03 561 28 87

03 561 28 85 

Fax: 05 916 52 04
Mobile: 041 663 507



46.150473, 15.043242

Price list
twin bedroom 22 €
twin bedroom -  single use 33 €
14-people room 18 €
en suite 32 €
tourist tax - adults 0,28 €
tourist tax - children 0,28 €

*Prices include VAT.

Opening times
mon-thu 8 am - 9 pm
fri-sat 8 am - 12 am
snday, holidays 10 am - 6 pm
Youth Centre Trbovlje  
mon-fri 8 am - 4 pm

Staff must be informed in case of late arrival on the following phone number:
+386 (0)3 56 12 887


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  • Breakfast
  • Other meals to order
  • Rent-a-bike and van
  • Parking lot
  • Internet/WiFi
  • Cable TV (common area)
  • Bed linen
  • Towels
  • Closets/Safe
  • Washing machine
  • Drier
  • Tourist information and content
  • Free access to rooms 24/7
  • Hot water 24/7
  • Credit card payment options (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Karanta)
  • Pets allowed (additional fee of 10,00 EUR)
  • Exchange office close by (up to 500m)
  • Store close by (up to 500m)
  • Post office close by (up to 500m)
  • Souvenirs



Twin Bedroom

Three twin bedrooms are available in Youth Centre Ajdovščina: Bukova gora, Planina and Mrzlica. The rooms are furnished with wardrobes, tables and chairs. All have their own bathroom. There is an option for extra beds.

14-Person Room

Kum is the biggest room in the Youth Centre, and has 7 bunk beds (14 beds). Two bathrooms are available in the room, each with two showering stalls and sinks. Also available are 4 toilets. The sanitary facilities are separated by male and female.

En Suite

Two suited are available in Youth Centre Trbovlje: Žrebljev hrib and Klek. The room consists of one bunk bed (two beds), a desk, chair and wardrobe. The rooms are connected through a bathroom, toilet and a small kitchen.

Appropriate for the Disabled

The room Bukova gora is adapted for the disabled, while the bed is standard. There is no elevator in the building, but the access is easy from the main entrance of the youth centre. All rooms are on the ground floor. Disabled and other guests have a free parking lot in the immediate vicinity of the Youth Centre Trbovlje. In the youth centre's café another disabled adapted toilette is available.

Self-Service Kitchen

A big, fully equipped kitchen is in the hostel part of the youth centre, with a refrigerator with freezer, stove with extractor fan, 2 tables with 8 chairs, stove, cutlery, plates and dishes. By prior order, here the hostel prepares self-serving breakfast for its guests. For bigger groups other meals of the day are served as well.


The café is also located on the ground floor of the Youth Centre Trbovlje. There is seating on the terrace as well as indoors. The café serves hot and cold beverages. Another disabled-adapted WC, info-board and an international library is available here. Just like in the hostel part, the café also offers free wi-fi.

Additional Facilities

Concert Hall

Suitable for about 120 people and equipped with a computer, stage, projector, concert sound system, screen, mixing console and wi-fi connection. The seating is adapted to the organiser's wishes. Chairs, club ottomans and beanies are available.The concert hall is appropriate for workshops, talk-shows, concerts, meetings, seminars and educational trainings.

Music Practise Room

Meant for young musicians and includes the following equipment:

  • Basic drum set Sonor,
  • Bass amplifier Line 6 (combo) ,
  • Guitar amplifier Fender Frontman 212R (combo),
  • Mixing console stand Peavey 16FX with applicable multi-core cables,
  • 2x active speakers FBT,
  • 2x active speakers Alto Elvis 15A,
  • 8-channel Presonus sound card,
  • 2x KRK Rokit 6 active studio speakers,
  • 2x ALTO DI Box,
  • 10x Shure SM58 microphones,
  • 4x Shure SM57 microphones,
  • 1x Shure SM57 beta microphone,
  • a complete drums sound system Beyerdynamic drum set kit.
  • XLR cables of 3 m, 5 m, 7 m and 10m in lengh.


Meant for relaxation, enjoyment and socialising, and includes:

  • WC,
  • refrigerator,
  • emergency exit,
  • seating.

Recording Studio

Youth Centre Trbovlje offers space to local young musicians. The music practise room with basic equipment is used for this intent, but in connection to the practise room a recording studio is available as well. The recording studio is used for recording demos, or practises, so all the new ideas don't fall into oblivion too quickly.

Price List

Twin Bedroom 22€
Twin Bedroom - Single Use 33€
14-Person Room 18 €
En Suite 32 €/person
Recording Studio (avdio, video) 20 €/h
Music Practise Room 18 €/h
Concert Hall
during the day (9 am - 7 pm)
during the night (7 pm - 12 am)
15 €/h
24 €/h
Key deposit 10 €
Breakfast 3 €
Other meals by prior agreement
Washing machine/Drier 8 €
Extra change of bed linen or towel 2 €
Pet 10 €
Tourist Tax - Adults 0,28 €
Tourist Tax - Children 0,28 €


Accommodation prices include:

  • accommodation in the room of choice
  • bed linen and towels
  • Wi-fi
  • parking lot
  • VAT
  • use of the kitchen

Facility occupancy prices include:

  • facility of choice
  • tech-support and the preparation of the hall
  • VAT
  • equipment



  • 50 % for children aged from 3 to 10 years, that share a bed with their parents or guardians.
  • Free for children under 3 years.
  • Free rent of a cradle.


Tourist tax: 

  • The tourist tax sums up to 0,28€ per person,
  • in the case of our guests being participants of seminars, they have tourist tax acquittal (mentors included),
  • the same goes for the disabled and children with special needs.


  • Organised groups over 15 people - 10%
  • Disabled - 10%
  • Children aged from 3 to 10 years, that share a bed with their parents or guardians - 50%
  • Children under 3 years - 100%


  • HI Hosteling members -10% discount
  • Music practise room and recording studio rent for youth and youth organisations  - 25% discount

Local Offer

Club Mesečina

Bevško 45e
1420 Trbovlje
+ 386 (0)3 56 30 245

Perkmandlc Pub

Mestni trg 5a
1420 Trbovlje
+ 386 (0)41 665 467

Old Inn Rudar

Ulica 1. junija 24
1420 Trbovlje
+ 386 (0)5 90 53 920

Pizzeria Dimnik

Obrtniška cesta 1
1420 Trbovlje
+ 386 (0)3 56 28 499

Restaurant Megas Aleksandros

Ulica Sallaumines 8
1420 Trbovlje
+ 386 (0)31 625 050
+ 386 (0)3 56 31 154


Inn Oskar

03 563 42 04

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