Terms of Service

Terms of Service

The terms of service apply to the domain www.slovenomad.si and to its belonging subpages.

With these terms Network MaMa defines the rights and obligations of the site manager and all those who visit the website www.Slovenomad.si.

A user is defined as any physical and/or legal person that accesses the website via an internet browser.

The site manager is Youth Network MaMa (Zavod mladinska mreža MaMa), Gosposvetska 5, 1000 Ljubljana.

Activity and limitation of responsibility

The contents of the website www.slovenomad.si are merely informative and are not binding. Network MaMa will strive to provide an undisturbed and flawless activity of the site, as well as tend the promptness of its contents. However, it does not guarantee that the contents, material and information will always be perfect and without any errors. You are using this site at Your own risk.

If You have detected errors, the lack of accuracy and promptness or any other flaws, please inform us of the problem at mch.marketing@mreza-mama.si.

Network MaMa does not take responsibility for any damage resulting from the user's visit of the site, except in the case when the damage is the consequence of a great carelessness or the intentional behaviour of the site manager.

Terms of service

The website www.slovenomad.si provides information on youth centres hostels, their offer and services, and a choice of experiences by other local providers.

The experiences by the local providers are published with the sole purpose of informing visitors about the activities available in an individual local surroundings. Network MaMa does not perform the activities listed on the subpage Experiences.

Users may have the contents found on the domain www.slovenomad.si at their disposal for their personal use, on condition that no copyrights be violated. The authors of the contents are not responsible for potential harmful consequences of use.

The website contains links to other sites, managed by third parties. Network MaMa is not responsible for the contents and accuracy of the information found on said web links.