Social Entrepreneurship

YCH Tourism (MCH turizem)

With the intent of achieving better recognizability and a more effective entry on the market, ten youth centres with hostels joined in a project called YCH Tourism (MCH turizem).

Basic information about the project

1. Operation title: YCH Tourism (MCH Turizem)

2. Operation description:

The main intent of project YCH Tourism is the development and establishment of a joint marketing model for youth centres with hostels. Thus, the objectives of the project aim on one side for a greater recognizability of youth centres hostels, especially amongst organisers of longer-lasting youth events (more than one day) on a national and international level and so the formation of attractive tourism offers for youth, and on the other side the training of young people from vulnerable target groups and provide for their qualifications in youth work tourism.
The project will contribute to more bookings in youth centres hostels and thus enabling continuous development of youth work activities and the creation of new workplaces for the employment of young people.

The project YCH Tourism includes the following hostels:
Youth Hostel Ajdovščina, MC Hostel Brežice, MCC Hostel – House of Legends, Youth Hostel Krško, Hostel Pekarna, Youth Hostel Radlje ob Dravi, Youth Hostel Punkl, Youth Hostel Šmartno ob Paki, Youth Centre Trbovlje, Youth Hostel Velenje.

3. Name of rightful claimant: Youth Network MaMa Institute (Zavod Mladinska mreža MaMa)

4. Amount of total operation costs: 221.033,65 eur

Sources of public funding: 198.411,65 eur

5. Operation start date: 24.8.2012

    Operation end date: 24.8.2014


6. Contact person: Mirjana Klinec

Tel: +386 (0)40 814 745


This project is partly co-funded by the European Union, namely from the European Social Fund. The project is financed from the Operational Programme for Human resources Development 2007 – 2013, 4. priority axe of Equal Opportunities and reinforcing social inclusion, 4.1. priority axe of Equal opportunities in the labour market and reinforcing social inclusion.

Project activites

Performed activities 2013

Training for vulnerable target groups

15 young people (premature undocumented high school graduates under 25 years) from Ljubljana, Domžale, Kamnik, Zagorje ob Savi, Trbovlje, Litija, Krško and Kostanjevica ob Krki attended a introductory training, that took place in Youth Centre Krško, Youth Centre Brežice and Youth Centre Trbovlje. The attendants acquainted themselves with the basics of youth work, the youth centres' programmes, youth hostels' activity, project work, gained new knowledge regarding job search and quality job application preparation and even tested themselves in producing a business plan in the framework of set business workshops. They caught sight of some of the tourist landmarks Krško, Brežice and Trbovlje have to offer, got acquainted with the broader tourist offer, while having an eye out for more opportunities for young tourists such as themselves. They have also informed themselves of new opportunities of how to be active in times of unemployment – from European Voluntary Service, participation in youth exchanges to the realisation of own ideas and initiatives through project work and through it gaining new knowledge and experiences and strengthening competencies that are oh so important and needed nowadays.
After the conclusion of said training, three attendees obtained an 18-month-employment contract on the YCH Tourism project, while others have been included in individual activities of the project.

More curiosity may be satisfied with the e-publication Mladi Za/Po - savje (Slovenian).

Local product development consultations in Youth Centre Trbovlje and Youth Centre Krško

Working consultations have been performed in May 2014 with Youth Centre Trbovlje and Youth Centre Krško, various interested tourist product providers and other individuals, that wished to contribute to the development of longer-lasting (e.g. more than one day) products for youth in their local environment. The intention of these consults was to identify the interests and affiliation possibilities of binding individual activities into joint, multi-day products through already existing providers of tourist products or organisers of youth activities that, combined with the help of local youth centres hostels, would have the opportunity to become a part of a regular tourist offer for youth.
We've prepared a set of potential thematic content , that served as guidelines for the production of pilot weekend camps in Youth Centre Trbovlje and Youth Centre Krško at the end of summer.

Printed promotional goods

The joint marketing steps of hostels started with a promotional brochure, containing a presentation of all ten youth centres with hostels. In the first developmental stage the brochure was committed to organisers of longer-lasting activities that are in need of appropriate accommodational and programmatic capacities. To these organisers, the brochure can serve as a valuable source of information about available hostel capacities and services, accompanied with representational visual content. The brochure is made available in the printed and web form. The summer months have also been busy with publishing a folded pamphlet, bearing the contacts of all youth centres hostels that was, in contrast to the brochure, more targeted towards the needs of individual travellers – backpackers in need of accommodation capacities. The pamphlet was distributed to all significant tourist information centres and other destinations through out Slovenia.

Take a look at the brochure here.

Study Visit in Finland

In June of 2013, 10 representatives from Youth Network MaMa and youth centres hostels (including Ajdovščina, Celje, Krško, Šmartno ob Paki and Velenje) embarked on a week long study visit to Finland. The visit was planned in affiliation with Finnish partners. It's main objective was to visit five out of ten youth centres, that are conceptually quite similar to youth centres in Slovenia.

A parallel objective was to get acquainted with their modus operandi, as well as their national youth centres' networks, the youth programmes and ways to affiliate youth work and tourist policies, and above all: how exactly does the relationship between them and the state as their founder work.

More curiosity may be satisfied with the e-publication »Study Visit Finska« (Slovenian).

Youth camps Knapland and REACtoROCK and the section's meeting in Šmartno ob Paki

The local product development consultations eventually led to the organisation and execution of pilot youth camps in Trbovlje and Krško. The youth camp Knapland in Trbovlje was adrenaline/sports themed, while the youth camp REACtoROCK in Krško was intended for young musicians. Both camps based on the principles of youth work and included elements of experience-based learning. The camp in Šmartno ob Paki was intended for hostel managers and therefore the search for affiliation possibilities and product development.

More curiosity about youth camps may be satisfied with the e-publication »Knapland« (Slovenian) and »REACtoROCK« (Slovenian).

Poklicni tabor Ko bom velik, bom...

The pilot occupational camp »When I grow up, I'm going to be …« was created as an example of a potential multi-day youth product. The 3-day camp was formed with the combined organisation efforts of Youth Network MaMa and Youth Centre Krško, the attendees included 14 young people from 5 elementary schools in the region of Posavje. In the context of this camp, the attendees explored their competence, career goals and steps to be taken in order to achieve those.
The attendees have acquainted themselves with the possible ways of making career choices and the possibilities of acquiring company scholarships in the region of Posavje, while also visiting some of the local employers, where they have also acquainted themselves with their employment policies and work processes of those companies.

More curiosity about the pilot youth camp may be satisfied with the e-publication Ko bom velik, bom... (Slovenian).

The hostels' promotional video and the project's promotional documentary

In need of an effective visual communication we've also decided on producing a promotional video, representing youth centres hostels, outsourcing it to Kunigunda, a Regional multimedia centre, that is in fact a part of Youth Centre Velenje. Two promotional movies have been produced 1 and 5 minutes long. Their intention was to present the hostels and their immediate environs to young travellers – backpackers.
Alongside the promotional video about hostels, another film was shot, a documentary about the project itself, that included all the more significant project activities. The promotional project documentary was concluded at the end of the project, which was in August 2014.

Website Slovenomad

A joint website called Slovenomad was produced in context of the project. The website is committed to the presentation of each of the hostels in the network, which will allow for the user to acquire basic information about our hostels and an easier comparison, all in one place. The website is also constructed as a common platform with a collection of information about local tourist offers in areas in which the hostels are located.


From a marketing point of view the brand is the one that represents value in the eyes of the consumer. In the framework of the project we've also made the first steps that are important towards the development of a joint brand. With the help of New Tourism Institute (Zavod Novi turizem) we've also defined basic starting points for developing a brand, common elements on which to build a unique selling advantage on and possible new products. A unique selling advantage, that is valid for all the hostels in the network, is their location within youth centres, which in contrast to classic hostels, allows the visitor to experience the local youth vibe. The location in less developed tourist locations makes for an added value to the visitor. These locations are most often neglected on the tourists' map of Slovenians, Europe and the world, but therefore also often more homely, pristine, unique, unspoiled, unexplored and exotic.