Network MaMa


Youth Network MaMa Institute
Youth Network MaMa combines and represents organisations that perform the activities of youth centres in Slovenia. It is a non-governmental organisation, established as a private institute. It's greatest advantage is being a network organisation. It currently consists of 41 members.

With its operation Youth Network MaMa: 

  • Connects organisations performing their activities of youth centres or operating in the field of youth work in Slovenia; 
  • Represents common interests of members against government sector and other persons; 
  • Regularly informs members and other interested public on all activities concerning youth and work with them; 
  • Organises meetings and encourages communication and project interaction between members; 
  • Offers professional help to members; 
  • Ensures interaction between members of the MaMa Network and young artists; 
  • Enables young artist to access youth scene and supports their cooperation; 
  • Provides non-formal education for youth and youth workers
  • With its operation the MaMa Network encourages and promotes creative activities of youth among the MaMa Network members and general public, and enforces principles of tolerance, good cooperation and social criticism. 

What is a youth centre?  
A youth centre is an organisation, that operates in a local community with the intention of assuring different options of socialisation for youth, encouraging active participation, volunteer activities and non-formal education and thus, contributes to societal cohesion and social integration of youth. It enforces mobility, international connections, ensures informing and so creates an autonomous space for youth
A youth centre is a space, where youth can spend quality free time, and offers opportunity for non-formal learning. For a young person, this is the intermediate space for his or her personal growth, development and acquisition of new experiences, that are not offered in ways of formal education. 
What is a youth centre hostel? 
A youth centre, that in its assembly of spatial capacities also established a youth hostel. In most cases, these youth centres are fully renovated with contemporary spaces for the implementation of youth activities at their disposal. The accommodational capacities concurrently enable the execution of longer-lasting youth programmes, on a national and international level. Additionally, the hostels are more than appropriate for individual travellers and groups - backpackers, that plan to explore the lesser populated parts of Slovenia.

Long-Term Objectives of Youth Network MaMa 

Objective 1 - Youth centres as an answer to the current challenges the State is facing 

The synergy of effects of youth centres' operation contributes to the development of local communities, regions and the State.  

Activity execution: 

  • the preparation and resource drain within the framework of the financial perspective of 2014 – 2020; 
  • the search for opportunities for youth centre's services outside its area of youth work (by its narrow definition). Izvajanje aktivnosti:


Objective 2 – Youth Network MaMa, an umbrella organisation of youth centres as an advocate of youth centres best interests  

Strengthening the network organisation of youth centres with the purpose of continuous financial, human resource and content building for its members

Activity execution: 

  • securement of stability and autonomy of the network through the three pillar financial management model; 
  • the increase of professionalism in the network's operation.  Izvajanje aktivnosti:


The Mission of Youth Network MaMa 
Youth Network MaMa is an organisation that combines and represents organisations, that run youth centres or are active in field of youth work in Slovenia in order to support the youth, their spending of quality free time and a better life in the society. 

The Vision of  Youth Network MaMa 
Youth Network MaMa is an inclusive national network organisation of actors in the field of youth work in Slovenia. It supports and advocates the interests and needs of Slovenian youth centres. It's also a learning organisation, that with its professional approach to work ethics, societal responsibility and in taking proactive action steps towards content value contributes to the development of the entire community, with its objectives especially centered towards the contemporary needs of youth. 

The Value System of Youth Network MaMa  

  • youth 
  • expertise 
  • trust 
  • integrity 
  • motivation 
  • respect 

The activities of Youth Network MaMa are enabled by: our volunteer work; member organisations of Youth Network MaMa; Slovenian Employment Office; Slovenian Office for Youth; MOVIT Youth Work; European Social Fund; Slovenian Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities; Slovenian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Embassy of the United States in Slovenia.