MCC Hostel

House of Legends

In the historical centre of Celje we find an exceptional yield of cultural heritage; the Youth Centre Celje and Hostel – House of Legends offer thematically decorated rooms, created with the help of local young artists, that tell different stories from the mediaeval times up to todays local mavericks.

Todays renovated building  has 42 beds, with 8 extras. The parking lot for personal vehicles is located behind the hostel, and is free on the weekends. In case of buses for bigger groups, the parking is taken care of just 100 meters away.

The hostel follows the urban vibe, so everyone can find something for themselves. From the computer room, which can be used for a lan party, to the free longboard hire-out and soon off to an alternative historical sightseeing tour. Different events are taking place for different tastes on an annual level: etno, swing and breakdance festivals, hairdo competitions, photography contests, and last but not least a colourful variety of concerts.

The concert hall is suitable for up to 200 visitors and supports local as well as the foreign music scene. Very pleasant and popular is also the MCC-Café, successfully claiming the title for the best coffee in town.

Organisation: Zavod CMLC
Address: Mariborska 2
3000 Celje
Telephone: +386 (0)3 490 87 42
Fax: +386 (0)3 490 87 42
Mobile: +386 (0)40 756 009
+386 (0)40 862 009



46.232479, 15.267138

Price list
twin-bedroom with shower 23 €/person
single-bedroom with shower 29 €/person
3- and 4-person room 20 €/person
multi-person room 18 €/person
recording studio (avdio, video) 15 €/h
concert hall 9 €/h
committee room 7 €/h
tourist tax - adults 1,01 €/person
tourist tax - children 0,505 €/person
computer room 15 €/h

*Prices include VAT.

Opening times
mon-fri 8 am - 10 pm
sat, sun, holidays 8 am - 10 pm
Youth Centre Celje  
pon-pet 8 am - 8 pm
sat, sun, holidays 8 am - 8 pm
MCC-Café and Cyber Corner   
mon-fri 6 am - 11 pm
sat, sun, holidays 6 am - 11 pm

Late arrival needs to be announced beforehand until 10 pm on the following phone number:
+386 (0)40 756 009
In urgent cases of late arrival turn to the following number:
+386 (0)40 862 009

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  • Breakfast (not included in accommodation price)
  • Other meals to order
  • Rent-a-bike, Rent-a-Longboard
  • MCC T-shirts, magnets and gift bags
  • Parking lot close by
  • Internet/WiFi in all rooms
  • Cyber corner
  • Multi-functional hall
  • Cable TV (common area)
  • Self-service kitchen
  • Bicycle storage
  • Mini climbing wall for children
  • Children's playsets
  • Bed linen
  • Towels
  • Closets/Safe
  • Washing machine
  • Drier
  • Hair drier
  • Tourist information and content
  • Free access to rooms 24/7
  • Hot water 24/7
  • Credit card payment options (Visa, Mastercard, Diners)
  • Exchange office close by (up to 50m)
  • Store close by (up to 200m)
  • City centre close by (up to 200m)
  • Bus station (50m) and train station close by (250m)



Single Bedroom

Celje Ninja and Mr. K are single bedrooms with their own shower, sink and wardrobe for luggage storing. The rooms are thematically tied to local city legends.


Catfish Dogeater, Red House, The Love Room, Celje Subculture and Counts of Celje are twin-bedrooms with their own shower, sink and wardrobe for luggage storing. The artists brought myths and legends, stories, emotions and modern culture, right into the rooms.

6-Person Room

Wagon 2 is a 6-person room on the 1st floor, with its own sink and wardrobe for luggage storing. Guests use common sanitary facilities. This room too, holds a mark by local young artists of Celje.

8-Person Room

Wagon 1, 3 and 4 are 8-person bedrooms on the 1st floor, with their own sinks, bunk beds and wardrobes for luggage storing. Guests use common sanitary facilities. The rooms' artsy feel, tied together with a collage of urban city legends of Celje were brought to you by emerging local artists.

Common Sanitary Facilities

The facilities are easily accessible, since they are located on the same floor as the rooms themselves. The bathrooms as well as toilettes are separated for female and male.

Self-Service Kitchen

The kitchen is suitable for 12 people and has all the necessary equipment for the preparation of meals, stove, refrigerator and microwave oven at its disposal. 

Common Lounge Area

The common lounge area is found on the 1st floor and is suitable for 20 people. It is equipped with a television, table and chairs and is intended as a free time hangout space for guests of the hostel.


It is found on the ground floor of the object. The indoor part is suitable for 40 people, while the garden offers space for 32 people. It is equipped with 2 computers, that are connected to a network, projector, speaker system, an exhibition space and toilettes.

Natural Park Behind the Hostel

Suitable for bigger groups, equipped with tables, chairs and recliners, and even a slackline for guests to use. Also found there are a volleyball court and picnic area.

Additional Facilities


In the shade underneath the chestnut trees in front of the youth centre is an atrium that is suitable for up to 500 people, for bigger events, concerts or shows. Seating arrangements are possible for up to 200 people, as well as catering of food and drinks from the MCC-Café. There is also a little climbing wall to be found, and a concert podium in the summer time.

Concert Hall

Accepts up to 200 visitors and equipped with concert sound system, microphones, mixing console, stage, podium for the lighting designer, toilette, sink, projector, computer, screen, chairs, tables and concert lighting. Suitable for different cultural events, social gatherings and seminars. Catering arrangement is possible.

Computer Room

Has 6 computers, that are connected to a network system and equipped with a basic OS. Projector and screen rental is possible. The room is suitable for up to 15 people.

Little Classroom

Suitable for 18 people. If needed, the projector and screen may be arranged, already equipped with 18 tables, chairs and magnet boards. The room is appropriate for smaller groups for studying, meetings or presentations.

Big Classroom

Suitable for up to 50 people and located on the 2nd floor above the youth centre. Equipped with chairs, tables, big board, projector and a screen.

Committee Room

Suitable for up to 12 people and appropriate for meetings or studying, located on the hostels 2nd floor.

Price List

Single Room 29 €/person
Twin-Bedroom with Shower 23 €/person
6-Person Room 18 €/person
8-Person Room 18 €/person
Recording Studio (avdio, video) 15 €/h
Concert Hall 9 €/h
Committee Room 7 €/h
Little Classroom 7 €/h
Big Classroom 15 €/h
Computer Room 15 €/h
Breakfast 3 €/person
Other meals to order 5 €/person
* Hostel parking lot (mon-fri) 2,5 €/day
Tourist Tax - Adults 1,01 €/person
Tourist Tax - Children 0,505 €/person

Prices include VAT.

* Buses can park on a big parking lot behind Štorman: 5,00 EUR per day from Monday to Friday 4 pm. The space is always available and just 100 meters away.
From Friday to Sunday the parking lot behind the hostel is open and free for personal vehicles, while vans and mini-buses can leave their passengers there and later park behind Štorman.


Prices are set per person and include:

  • accommodation,
  • bed linen and towel,
  • free access to wifi
  • free access to internet,
  • free bike rental,
  • VAT


Prices of other facility occupancies include:

  • VAT
  • use of equipment in the facility
  • tech-support


  • All children up to the age of 2 can use existing beds for free.
  • Crib rental is possible for 9 EUR per night.
  • All older children or adults pay 15,30 EUR per night for the use of extra beds.
  • Only one extra bed or crib is possible per room.
  • All kinds of extra beds and cribs are available per wish of the guest, but have to be confirmed by the hostel.

Tourist tax: 

  • Tourism tax and fees are charged separately and amount to 1,01 EUR per person. Children up to 12 years use a 50% discount (*applicable to families). Discounts do not apply to web reservations.
  • Tourist tax is charged to those, that are obliged to by the Ordinance of Tourist Fees (UL št. 66, 13.7.2005) ruled by the Municipality of Celje.


  • Discounts for groups – projects: 5 – 30 %
  • Discounts for IYH members: 10 %
  • Discounts for train arrival: 10 %  


  • The price for single use of one room is charged by the regular price list, with a 30% discount per each free bed.
  • During the annual International Trade Fair (MOS) the accommodation prices are 20% higher.
  • In case of a longer accommodation, bed linen is changed every 5 days free of charge.

Local Offer

Restaurant Štorman

Mariborska 3
3000 Celje
+ 386 (0)3 70 38 300

Restaurant and Inn Stari Pisker

Savinova 9
3000 Celje
+ 386 (0)3 544 24 80

Pizzeria Koper

Gubčeva 3
3000 Celje
+ 386 (0)80 16 06

Café and Cinema Metropol

Stanetova 15
3000 Celje
+ 386 (0)31 324 400

Inn Tamkoučiri

Gosposka 1a
3000 Celje
+ 386 (0)41 731 774

House of Beer (Hiša piva)

Gubčeva 8
3000 Celje
+ 386 (0)40 477 446

Branibor Club&Pub

Stanetova 29
3000 Celje
+ 386 (0)41 966 354

Club Mansion

Trg celjskih knezov 10
3000 Celje
+ 386 (0)3 49 008 21

Club Casa

Dečkova cesta 1
3000 Celje
+ 386 (0)31 270 810

Don't overlook:

Celje Old Castle Tour
1 - 2 €/person
Zavod Celeia
20 €/ride
Ekopool Emil Koprivc s.p.
Skiing on Rogla
13 - 31 €
Unior blacksmith industry d.d.
Flight with a Hot Air Balloon
150 - 450 €
Ekopool Emil Koprivc s.p.
Bob Kart
4 €/ride
Celje Hut Hotel
Celeia – A Town Beneath Today's Town
2 - 5 €
Regional Museum Celje