Youth Centres Hostels

The establishment of hostels in the context of youth centres was based on former examples of good practise and was fostered by the Slovenian Office of Youth in the year of 2008 with the public call for co-financing investments in youth tourist infrastructure, in this case, youth centres.

The purpose of a public youth tourist infrastructure is to ensure accommodation capacities and other facilities which would create an opportunity to execute multi-day or otherwise longer lasting youth programmes.


• the development of youth tourist infrastructure and complementary activities that would reflect themselves in the acquirement of new accommodational capacities;

• ensuring capabilities for youth mobility acceleration;

• ensuring the proper size and equipment of facilities for multi-functional purposes;

• ensuring spatial requirements for a more extensive offer of nonformal education possibilities;

• an increase of infrastructural possibilities for the execution of intercultural practise programmes;

• ensuring a greater recognizability of target locations also as tourist destinations;

• ensuring infrastructural conditions for an increase in the number of employees from different profiles and fields of youth work, culture, creativity, sports and social work within youth centres


This project is partly co-funded by the European Union, namely from the European Social Fund for Regional Development and is executed in the framework of Operational Programme for Strengthening Regional Development Potentials for Period 2007 – 2013, development priority 3.5.3 Integration of natural and cultural potentials, priority axe of Increasing Competitiveness in the Tourism Market.