Are you organising multi-day programmes for youth? Do you need suitable facilities for the execution of trainings, seminars, lectures or conferences? Are you in need of appropriate facilities for sports preliminary and practise? Do you want to perfect your singing performance or theatre play before the big day? And combine all that with fun and socialising?

If so, then youth centres hostels are the perfect choice for you.

At Network MaMa we help you find the most suitable hostel for your needs, collect the offers and take care of all the coordination with your chosen hostel.

Why Choose Youth Centres Hostels?


Budget Friendly Facilities

Youth centres hostels provide budget friendly and contemporarily technologically equipped seminar and computer rooms, concert halls, even suitable for theatre plays, music practise rooms, recording studios and the use of sports infrastructure.

The contemporarily furnished hostels with its budget friendly forms of accommodation enable you to execute your multi-day activities. They are suitable for groups ranging from 20 to 70 people, and provide single, twin or multi-person rooms.

All in One Spot

Different types of facilitiesare available at Youth Centres Hostels, for the execution of different kinds of programmes and activities, accommodation and the use of sports infrastructure, that is in the use of the hostel, or in the immediate vicinity. The hostels will even provide for the all inclusive food deliveries. The extra value shows in the youth centres' ability to provide for the accompanying social programme or organising external activities in the local environment, parallel to the wish of the organisers.

We Support Youth and Youth Work

Show your support for youth and youth work! In choosing youth centres hostels you show your support for the development of youth centres, that ensure a safe environment for experiential learning and putting their own ideas to the test, it is a space for skill learning, the acquisition of first working experiences, and last but not least, an opportunity for their first employment.


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