Discover the Undiscovered – Youth Centres Hostels


Suitable for ... 

  • Individual travellers or groups, that wish to discover the unspoiled corners and experience the genuine Slovenia.
  • For organisers of multi-day programmes, that are in need of additional facilities for the execution of different activities (seminar and computer rooms, multi-purpose falls, music practise rooms, sports infrastructure and much more)




  • Experience the unspoiled Slovenia, that mass tourism hasn't yet reached.


  • Young people deserve comfort on a budget too!


  • All in one spot – The possibility to use additional facilities for the execution of a variety of multi-day programmes.



We Support Youth and Youth Work


Show your support for youth and youth work! In choosing youth centres hostels you show your support for the development of youth centres, that ensure a safe environment for experiential learning and putting their own ideas to the test, it is a space for skill learning, the acquisition of first working experiences, and last but not least, an opportunity for their first employment.



You are welcome to watch the promotional film Discover the Undiscovered here.